I packed up last year alone and moved to Laguna Beach for a summer internship.

It was invigorating.

I worked in luxurious high end residential interior design - where workers surfed at lunch and tacos at lunch were a staple. I became familiar with the ocean scent and it’s wondrous deep blue color. But, I had never grown up by a body of water. Water was pretty foreign to me, actually - I had never learned how to swim. So you probably won’t be surprised when I say that the depths of the unknown in the ocean scared me. Laguna Beach, that summer, changed that though. I learned to embrace the temperature of the water, the power of it’s wave. You have to surrender yourself to them in a way. That’s how you can truly enjoy the presence of mother nature, if you relinquish any sense of pride or control to it.  So many spaces on the west coast represented the beautiful natural environment around it. Architecture coexisted with the coastal surf. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look around and let it present itself.