a lil’ about me

It all started when...

I began drawing floor plans during recess. My parent’s probably thought I was a freak. 

Designing my childhood room became an exciting challenge at a young age for me. I’d typically be found rearranging furniture and shuffling through the everyday objects I could repurpose… Over time, I developed a critical eye for spacial design. I began noticing my attention to any space immediately when I walked in… I’d see how I could make it even better.

I am always trying to go against the grain - challenging myself to travel to new environments, explore new facets of design, and rethink the typical approach. 

Spaces affect us every single day. They move us through our daily journey and affect us both mentally and physically - they are a beautiful ground of familiarity and comfort that connect us all. I’d like to create spaces that move people, as they move me. 


Architecture and dance are both heavily influenced and affected

by the human spirit.


Dance was my first intimate interaction with space.

Dance helped me define movement through form and proportion - and to have an understanding of spatial relationships from a young age. 

Like designers and architects, dancers must understand proportion and scale to execute visual harmony to an observer. A dancer responds to their environment and seamlessly connects and contributes to the architecture.