IIDA National Student Conference


When I heard about the IIDA Student Video Contest in the late months of 2017, I didn't think I would have a shot. But I knew one thing for certain - I really, really, wanted to attend the 2018 IIDA National Student Conference. And that creating a video would give me a chance to do so. So... I created the video (see below!) expressing my interest in IIDA, the chapter we started at my college, and my volunteering + community service that shaped my designs and grew my passion for the industry. Fast forward to a month later and I had gotten an email from the IIDA Michigan Chapter that I had won! I was thrilled! (And stunned) I went down to Texas representing the Michigan Chapter, as well as the Interior Design department at College for Creative Studies.

When I was in the midst of the conference, I couldn't of been happier. I was immersed with students from around the nation, all with the same passion as me - interior design. It was incredible to be able to meet other students, hear from professionals in the industry, and have a chance to view first hand the wonderful and growing design climate in Texas. I gained such a new perspective the industry that was booming here in the south.  

I left the conference inspired by keynote speakers such as Primo Orpilla, the founder of the progressive Interior Design Firm out of San Francisco, O+A. He spoke of his design process, his start to the industry, and how he built his firm from the ground up. I don't think the conference could've been left off on a better note. Primo left me feeling inspired and determined to re-shape how we design and to always stay eager and ambitious.

Interior design is more than just a beautiful space, it is a story. Thank you, Primo, and thank you, IIDA, for giving me the opportunity to grow as a designer, and a new perspective on the interior design industry. 



My submission! 

25591577_1585912041448235_530265966290614013_n copy.jpg



I flew down to Dallas, Texas courtesy of the IIDA Michigan Chapter and enjoyed three days packed with workshops, panel discussions, and interviewing!