Cranbrook Exhibit :: Keith Haring


Cranbrook Institute of Arts is a place dear to my heart...

I grew up roaming the grounds and exploring these museums. School field trips in elementary school to the museum of science just foreshadowed my self exploration of the exhibitions here on the same grounds in college. 

This exhibition was a fascinating display of work by Keith HaringJean-Michel Basquiat, and Ryan McGinness. I originally went with the excitement of seeing Keith Haring's work, but the loose sketchbook poems and paintings by Jean-Micheal Basquiat really intrigued me and sparked my interest. He found every objects, trash even, and gave meaning to them through the art of paint. A masterpiece doesn't have to be created on a pristine canvas base, or a new stark white sheet out of a college sketchbook. Rusted radiators and old tethered t-shirts became subjects of art through their alteration. Their simplistic beauty was enhanced. 

On my out of the exhibit, I took a final glance around the room. A glimpse of text softly highlighted by the faint sun caught my eye. 

“I share the same concerns for space and movement and structure as contemporary dancers. I consider spontaneity, improvisation, continuity, and harmony as musicians do.”                          
-Keith Haring