Cranbrook Exhibit :: Keith Haring


Cranbrook Institute of Arts is a place dear to my heart...

I grew up roaming the grounds and exploring these museums. School field trips in elementary school to the museum of science just foreshadowed my self exploration of the exhibitions here on the same grounds in college. 

This exhibition was a fascinating display of work by Keith HaringJean-Michel Basquiat, and Ryan McGinness. I originally went with the excitement of seeing Keith Haring's work, but the loose sketchbook poems and paintings by Jean-Micheal Basquiat really intrigued me and sparked my interest. He found every objects, trash even, and gave meaning to them through the art of paint. A masterpiece doesn't have to be created on a pristine canvas base, or a new stark white sheet out of a college sketchbook. Rusted radiators and old tethered t-shirts became subjects of art through their alteration. Their simplistic beauty was enhanced. 

On my out of the exhibit, I took a final glance around the room. A glimpse of text softly highlighted by the faint sun caught my eye. 

“I share the same concerns for space and movement and structure as contemporary dancers. I consider spontaneity, improvisation, continuity, and harmony as musicians do.”                          
-Keith Haring

IIDA National Student Conference


When I heard about the IIDA Student Video Contest in the late months of 2017, I didn't think I would have a shot. But I knew one thing for certain - I really, really, wanted to attend the 2018 IIDA National Student Conference. And that creating a video would give me a chance to do so. So... I created the video (see below!) expressing my interest in IIDA, the chapter we started at my college, and my volunteering + community service that shaped my designs and grew my passion for the industry. Fast forward to a month later and I had gotten an email from the IIDA Michigan Chapter that I had won! I was thrilled! (And stunned) I went down to Texas representing the Michigan Chapter, as well as the Interior Design department at College for Creative Studies.

When I was in the midst of the conference, I couldn't of been happier. I was immersed with students from around the nation, all with the same passion as me - interior design. It was incredible to be able to meet other students, hear from professionals in the industry, and have a chance to view first hand the wonderful and growing design climate in Texas. I gained such a new perspective the industry that was booming here in the south.  

I left the conference inspired by keynote speakers such as Primo Orpilla, the founder of the progressive Interior Design Firm out of San Francisco, O+A. He spoke of his design process, his start to the industry, and how he built his firm from the ground up. I don't think the conference could've been left off on a better note. Primo left me feeling inspired and determined to re-shape how we design and to always stay eager and ambitious.

Interior design is more than just a beautiful space, it is a story. Thank you, Primo, and thank you, IIDA, for giving me the opportunity to grow as a designer, and a new perspective on the interior design industry. 



My submission! 

25591577_1585912041448235_530265966290614013_n copy.jpg



I flew down to Dallas, Texas courtesy of the IIDA Michigan Chapter and enjoyed three days packed with workshops, panel discussions, and interviewing!