A bit about me

"life is about creating yourself"

"life is about creating yourself"

    I am a passionate entrepreneur with an eye for design and love for creating spaces that can move people physically and emotionally. Staying true to the art form of rendering, I create many of my renderings by hand. Studying Interior Design formally at College for Creative Studies has helped me to develop an artistic eye - and this knowledge ensures the most aesthetic and accurate visual presentation. Renderings help to shed light on how beautifully put an interior can be. I love to help show that.

   From as early as I could remember I have been walking into rooms and not been able to concentrate on the issue (event) at hand, but instead the design and layout of the room before me - the window treatments that guide the light through, the flooring patterns and stain underneath my feet, how the symmetry of the room and accents play off eachother so eloquently. I had an epiphany moment when I was a sophomore in college, after a year of trying to find what excited and allured me enough to want to make my career out of it. Which is when I realized that interior designing was something I had already been doing, and enjoying, since I chose to make floor plans at recess, rearranging the classroom in my mind, and painting my room when I was in elementary school - rather than run around outside.

   After I realized what I genuinely wanted to do - what would make me feel as if I was never "working" - I completely went for it. I became the black sheep of family, being the only one pursuing an art degree. Having no background in the arts whatsoever left a lot of room for growth, and practicing my trade each and everyday for hours at a time led me to where I am as an artist today. I never thought I could even draw at this point two years ago. I'm astonished I've gotten to where I am today, but I can't wait to see where I'll be in the next two years.


College for Creative Studies, Bachelors, Interior Design 2015-2019

Oakland Community College, Ceramics, 2013-2015